Deep Track Cleansing was designed to combat the problem that the small microgrooves in vinyl prevents other cleaners penetrating deep into the depths where most of the dust collects. That's why Vinylclear's deep formula contains laboratory grade Pure Isopropyl Alcohol and Deionised Water.

What makes Vinylclear different?

Made in the UK

Unlike others we do not import cleaning fluid from China. Vinylclear is formulated and is manufactured in the UK. This is the only way we can maintain our (and your) exacting standards.


Credible Third Party Endorsements

In a largely unregulated industry, full of exaggerated seller claims, Vinylclear is the only product endorsed by credible third parties; Abbey Road Studios, Lenco Turntables, QVC, the Guardian, the Telegraph and the Daily Mail

What makes Vinyl Clear the vinyl record cleaning solution choice of audiophiles and professionals? The unique formulation of the cleaning fluid contains ultra-pure ingredients that penetrate deep into the record groove and gently soften and remove contaminates.

It removes dust, dirt, fingerprints and grease deposits. The formula contains properties that help reduce static electricity to keep your LP & 45rpm records cleaner for longer. The formulation also contains properties that help reduce static electricity to keep your records cleaner for longer.


We are a professional VAT registered limited company. Unlike many of the backstreet chemists or enthusiastic amateurs that sell untested and unregulated vinyl cleaning fluids.


Money Back Guarantee

Vinylclear offer a 100% no questions asked guarantee with ALL of our products. If for any reason you are not delighted with your purchase you can return it for a full no questions asked guarantee.

What We Offer

Vinylclear contains a highly effective non-ionic wetting agent that changes the dispersion characteristics of the cleaner so that the fluid reaches parts of the vinyl that other cleaners simply cannot reach. We call this effect 'Deep Track Cleansing".

About Vinylclear